Sunday, September 19, 2004

I hope you have visited the web site at http://gunfreehome.4t.com/ We are pleased that we can provide you with the information to help make an intelligent decision about the gun problem in the country today.
there those who think that the public should have the right to have guns of their own. When they know that guns kill people.
The crime rate will be a little higher but sometimes you just have take the good with the bad. Some say that the criminals will still have guns because they don't abide by the laws, anyway. But at least you won't have a citizen shooting the criminal when he comes a calling, if the citizen doesn't have a gun.

When the citizens have guns, they think that they have more power than their government. How can the government control things when the people think they should have a say in what they do.

Lets get rid of guns in our lifetime!

I just want everyone to know, how pleased we are to offer a free sign to each of you who wish to let the world know that you have a gun free home. All you have to do is email me at noguns@myway.com and I will have a sign out to you as soon as possible, I feel that it is the least we can do in the fight against Gun Violence in the USA.

We should all be proud of our no gun stance and announce to the world with a sign at our front door, that we are GUN FREE. Bumper stickers are also available for those of you who wish to announce to the traveling public that you are gun free.

If you wish to contribute to the cause please send any donations to Central Administration for Safer Homes.
Just make the check out to C.A.S.H. which is the acroymn for our name.


Sunday, April 18, 2004


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